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You Too Can Outsource

Hey Artist,

Are you a train wreck? Are you inconsistent? Are you most productive at 2am?


One of the many advantages of being an artist is that it's one of the few jobs where it is sometimes acceptable to be on your own schedule.

But that contradicts everything we know about marketing right?


Ideal marketing requires consistent promotion and content delivered on a repeating schedule.

But you don't have to be consistent. You just have to find someone or something to be consistent for you.

Maybe you are inspired to write your blog post at 1:53 AM on a Friday, but for consistency you always post on Mondays at 2am. In that case you can schedule your blog and it's promotion to run at that time.

For social media posts you can create all of your posts for the week and have them scheduled.

Being an artist who makes money does not mean that you have to turn yourself into a 9 to 5 drone. You just need to make sure that your DELIVERY is consistent. And if you can't do that, find a service or a person who can do it for you.

Keep being your weird artistic self. Just find someone to do the minutiae for you.

Kick ass this week.



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