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Hello Artist,

The title of this post may not be a real word.


This is probably not the best way to start a post.

Also eh.

I don’t know about you but I often don’t feel that I’m getting enough done. If I have 27 items on my to do list and only 26 get done, I feel like a god damned failure.

And I am. But not because of the missing Item. But because I’m not approaching my art or my life correctly. Why on earth would I have so many items on my list?

Because I am not satisfied with anything so I feel that adding more stuff will solve it. Because hard work equals results, right?

But does it?

Do you know anyone with 3 jobs? Do they feel that they are closer to their goals? When you overwork does that make your life better?

sure, there are people like The Rock who are known for their amazing work ethic but it’s not just about work.

It’s about focused work.

And more importantly: letting it go when you are done.

If you wrote for an hour, fantastic! Now go and watch a movie, hang out with friends, or anything else that’s unproductive.

Because, here’s the thing: If you don’t, you will burn yourself out. If you never let yourself feel that you’ve done enough that nagging feeling will suck the fucking life out of you. And ironically, you will get nothing done.

I understand if you aren’t where you want to be in your career, finances, or life. Few people are.

But I bet you that the ones that do aren’t there because they completed all of the items on a 27 item list.

Thanks for reading,



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