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The Danger Of The Side Hustle

As I've mentioned previously; a lot of making films is tedious work and waiting.

Patience is a virtue, but after years of working and waiting it is easy to get frustrated and want what "normal people" have. "Maybe if I get my cybersecurity certificate or sell herbalife or (insert any "opportunity" here), I will have more time to pursue my actual calling", you think.

But what happens is that these side hustles end up taking all of your time. So now, instead of working on your art and working a day job. You are working a day job, attending meetings for your side hustle, spending money on your side hustle, and have even less time to do what you want.

Please don't misunderstand me. If you want to start a catering company, or change careers, or any other life change; I applaud you. But don't think that it will give you more free time.

My biggest mistakes in life have always been from indecision.

I never had a "fall back plan" when I was younger, and honestly; had great results. When I matured and tried such things in my thirties; all it did was slow me down.

So get your real estate license, or learn to code, or whatever if you LOVE to do it.

But please don't do it to make your life more comfortable while pursuing your art. ''Decide what you want to do, and go after THAT.

Edward Janis Gusts


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