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Make Your Film Anyway

a man explores a cave and sees an opening to the sky

It's easy to feel like the odds are against you.

The market is saturated. You don't have any stars. The big film fests are all rigged. Who the fuck are you anyway?

These thoughts may or may not be true.

I do not claim that I have a way to overcome these obstacles. I would bet that you would have trouble getting a good answer from people with far more notoriety than me.

What I do know is that actually making your film is possible.

Cameras and editing software are cheaper than ever before. There are hundreds of small film festivals where you can screen your films. And, almost as many platforms for you to reach an audience.

If you make your film a reality; it may get seen by many people or just a few. It may hit it's stride a decade from now after you've nearly forgotten it.

I don't know what your films (or mine) will do, once we release them into the wild.

But I do know that I can make a film.

I can make a film entirely on my own terms. I can give life to the strange little voices in my head. And that, is something magical.

So yes there are obstacles. Yes it's hard. Yes, you might suffer.

Make your film anyway.

Edward Janis Gusts


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