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*The following is an excerpt from The Mercenary Artist's Manifesto second edition.

Why? Why write a book about productive creativity?

Do I think that frustrations in art come from laziness? Or ignorance?

If I speak to you condescendingly about grit and discipline, will that transform you overnight into the thriving artist that you want to be?

Or is this a book to daydream with? A book to read instead of making art?

I don’t think so.

What I hope that I am giving you is a set of tools.

Tools to help you plot your course.

Tools to help you when you get stuck.

Tools to help you when you are feeling alone.

Being an artist is hard. I don’t know any artist who feels 100% confident all the time. You don’t need this book to make your art. You don’t need anything but you. My hope, in this collection of guidelines and tools; is that you will find something to make your journey easier.


Because if you spend less time on bullshit, you will be able to make more of your own unique art.

And I want to see more art in this world.

Thank you for your contribution.

- Edward Janis Gusts



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