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Hey Artist,

Recently I have had to remind myself of what it means to be an artist and the steps needed for growth.

The trouble is that the truth is always simple but we live in a complicated world and it makes it very hard to follow your truth. Influences like how you were brought up, or subconscious behaviors you've absorbed make the simple act of doing what you want far more challenging than it seems.

So as a reminder to myself and to you, I'm going to spend the next couple of days posting some of what I think is true:

I believe in my talent, but I will practice as if it did not exist

I wouldn't make art if it didn't feel unique, if I didn't feel inspired, or if I didn't feel like I was contributing.But that is what gets you started. The practice must come from a place of developing a skill.

This is a delicate juggling act. You can't feel like you are worthless and the practice will make you ok, but you can't rely on talent alone to propel your art forward. So: know that you are talented and special, but now that you know that; work your ass off.

Thanks for reading,



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