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Going Backwards To Go Forwards.

Hey Artist,

I should probably sell my investments.

Mathematically, if my investments are earning me 10% a year and I have credit card debt at 15%-25% a year; cashing in my investments to pay off debts makes total sense.

But I haven't done it.

One, there is the fear that, if I pay off the debt but then have a sudden emergency expense; I will end up with a debt AND not have an investment. But the truth is, that I hate the feeling of going backwards.

The truth is that watching my little investments grow makes me feel like I'm making progress even though, I'm actually going backward. And I feel that a lot of our artistic habits are like that.

We spend money or time on groups or coaching that we rarely use or have outgrown. We do things that worked 10 years ago, but now are anachronistic. But we don't stop. If we stop, we will have lost all of the progress we've made.

This is not true. Reevaluating our habits and adapting is necessary. It also makes us artists.

Why not try sharing your videos through TikTok? Why not turn your oil painting into an NFT? Why not question what we were told we should do?

But the first step is to look at your habits and see if they are helping or hurting you.

Have a great week.



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