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Hey Artist,

Recently I had the experience of writing down all of my to dos and realizing that there literally wasn't enough time.

I'm going to assume that I'm not alone in this.

Maybe you got burned the last time you hired someone for a job. Maybe you got insulted when a "professional" tried to blow smoke up your ass when they assumed you were hiring them because of ignorance instead of a lack of time.

But the truth is, you can't do everything.

Do you even want to?

Yes, you will almost certainly deal with incompetent people when looking for help. Yes, you will need to take the time to actually write what needs to be done. Yes it costs money.

Do it anyway. Your art is your passion. Not paperwork, not legal forms, not the constant job search.

Yes, it is satisfying when we do a better job than the professionals. But that time could be spent making art.

Hire someone. If they aren't good, fire them and hire someone else.

Focus on what you enjoy and are brilliant at.

Let someone else do your taxes.

Lots O' tough love



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