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Film Journal 7/13 Lingering Doubts & Change

A man drinks alone, outside.

Late last night I had the realization that I could make my life infinitely easier by switching a scene that occurs on a train to a scene in a car.

It actually give the protagonist a far more active role in the film instead of stumbling across the monster. It saves me a scene of explaining why he had a car later and not that night.

But I doubt.

That's not the way it occurred in my head.

Maybe that will ruin things (even though I can always reshoot the scene if it doesn't work)

I find myself plagued by doubts.

Today's filming went easily. Does that mean it isn't any good?

I don't know how to stop the doubts.

The voices are insistent in my ear.

But I have decided to ignore them for now and do my best to do my work.

I'll write again tomorrow.

Edward Janis Gusts


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