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Chasing Flow

"If I had 4 hours to cut down a tree, I'd spend 3 hours sharpening my axe" - Self help quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

We've all bee there. Everything works. Everything is easy and clear. We know exactly what to do next and do it.

I'm talking about FLOW here. And today, I think that chasing it is often an ironic form of self sabotage.

Sometimes doing the work sucks. Sometimes we are uninspired.

Finding ways to become more efficient and joyful at your work is a worthy aim. When efficiency becomes an obsession that makes you pause your actual work; it's procrastination.

Do your work.

If you find tools that help, great; but don't obsess about them.

Show up every day and if inspiration shows up fantastic. but don't rely on it. Don't rely on talent. Don't rely on luck.

I wish you all the inspiration, talent, and luck in the world.

But your job is to simply show up and do the work.

Thanks for reading.

Edward Janis Gusts


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