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A Shift In What I do

Hey Artists,

It has come to my attention that as much as Artists need encouragement; they also need practical knowledge about navigating the business side of art.

That being said; In addition to the content I normally post, I am going to expand into the nuts and bolts of getting your art out in the world without giving it all away for "Exposure".

But why should you listen to me?

Good question.

Over the past year I have been studying digital marketing and have been working to figure out the best ways to apply these techniques so that they are useful to artists.

But there is no point in me telling you to do things that I haven't done myself, so I am going to use my art as the test subject. I'm going to test every marketing strategy that I can find on my own art, and report the results here.

I am taking on two projects:

The Feature film that I am currently shooting and releasing September 7th

I am documenting the process of making the film on the youtube channel

As you can see, I currently have 1 subscriber to the channel and the film is rated 645,397 on IMDB's popularity Ranking.

The Other project is my personal work as an Actor.

I am currently rated 173335 on the site, but easy to find via google because of my unique last name.

So let's see how marketing can get these numbers and my income up, and if they don't; I will have saved you some time.

Let The Games Begin!


PS I will still be posting the rants and inspirational stuff too, so hopefully that will keep this site entertaining. Thanks for reading.


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