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Film Journal 7/12 What The Fuck Am I Doing?

There is a shit ton of content out there.

With Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Tubi, and who knows what else growing exponentially; why the fuck am I making my own movies?

Because I'm bored. I watch movies I've seen dozens of times before or I watch whatever Marvel tentpole film comes out this week and I'm fucking bored.

You want to know the last time I got caught up watching a performance?

During a goddamned play.

Not Hamilton, or whatever star studded extravaganza; but a Hollywood Fringe play by Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm called "Wounded".

The lighting consisted of On & Off, the space was small; but the story and acting were incredible.

And that's what I want for my films. I want an intimate, almost voyeuristic, look into the characters lives that changes the audience.

I don't want to produce plays, they don't have a wide enough reach. They die when the show closes. But a good intimate film? That can travel.

So I guess I'm a really a theater director. Just one who decided to turn on a camera. I hope that you like what I make. But more importantly, I hope that it changes you.

Thanks for coming along.

Edward Janis Gusts

Edward Gusts watches a fight rehearsal
Edward Gusts watches a fight rehearsal


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