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But I Don't Feel Like It

man sitting on couch

I didn't want to write this today. My self sabotaging self has come up with a vengeance because I seem to be getting more done.

There is a fear I have that working when I feel shitty will lead to shitty work.

I don't know why. I play hurt in every other aspect of my life; but there is a part of me that believes that any work done when I am not at 100% my best will destroy all of me as an artist.

Now I'm not saying that you should do shitty work. I am saying that waiting until conditions are ideal will lead to little or no work.

I think this is bad.

So drag your ass out of bed, do your fucking work, bitch about it...

and then do it again tomorrow.

Thanks For reading.

Edward Janis Gusts


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