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Trailer Service


We are Indie Filmmakers. Just like you.

And just like you; after we made our first film and needed to market, it we found ourselves stuck between services that cost more than our actual film, and someone's friend's roommate who could

"probably do it when he had time"

So, we decided to fill that void

Trailers at a reasonable cost

Free advice

And just maybe;


people to collaborate with

Magpie Trailer Service

The filmmaker receives:

One 2 minute Trailer & Two 30 second teasers

Satisfaction guaranteed



How It Works

  • First; fill out the contact form below

  • We will contact you to get all of the specifics for your trailer (Genre, Feel, Etc.)

  • Send us a hard drive with a copy your film. Ideally with separate music and dialogue tracks (although we can work around that if necessary)

  • You will get an online rough cut 1 week after we receive your film 

  • You give us notes and we will make adjustments until your trailer is perfect

  • You get a downloadable online version of your Trailer and Teasers and we return your footage with your high quality version included

Thanks! Message sent.

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