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How It Works

The Magpie Film Company
Actor's Reel Service
Los Angeles Actors!












Do you need footage for your reel, but can't get or don't have the footage?

Or do you have a bunch of footage but have no idea how to put it together?

We have you covered!

Our services include:


  • Mobile reels - We drive to your location and film you there. Up to three different scenes. You can bring your own reader or our camera operator can read with you.

  • Custom reel scenes - to highlight a specific character type.


  • Reels from your current footage - Do you have a pile of footage you need sorted? Send it to us and we'll put it together.

      Or any combination of the three.

We will schedule a shoot, send you a custom scene, film, edit, then send you a temporary reel to show your agents, your coach, your mom, whoever. And if you don't like what you see, you don't pay. 

Once you are satisfied, we'll send you a high resolution copy and an H264 file     (which is ideal for streaming sites).


Starting in October, you can come shoot on one of our custom backdrops in our Monrovia office.

Get a 2 minute acting reel

(Drama, Comedy, Or Action)
made to your specifications
with up to 3 re-edits.

Cost $300

Back To School Special!
$200 for all Reels ordered by September 29th!

  • First; fill out the contact form below, or call us at (626) 460 - 0703.

  • We will contact you to get all of the specifics for your reel (Generally; reels are showcases that show your range and general type when looking for representation, whereas clips are shorter and designed to show a specific character or skill to a casting director).

  • Send us a hard drive, or google drive link with a copy of all of the footage you want on your reel.

  • Schedule a shoot and request a scene if needed.

  • You will get an online rough cut 2 days after we shoot or receive your footage. 

  • You give us notes and we will make adjustments until your reel is perfect.

  • You get a downloadable online version of your new reel and we return your footage with your high quality reel included.

Thanks! Message sent.

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